Aged 35-39 (F)

"I am blown away by how Nick has transformed me from someone who thought they knew what they were doing and was in constant pain, even on short bike rides and runs, to someone who has just completed my first half ironman. It is the holistic approach that Nick takes to his coaching that mean it is well worth the investment. Not only am I fitter and stronger, but my understanding of fitness and performance has meant that I have remained injury free and thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey."

"Nick's knowledge is fantastic and he is always there to answer your questions. The tailor made approach is what makes this coaching work (I now realise how pointless the ones I used to download were!). On race day everything fell into place and I could see how every little thing Nick had been getting me to do was important in my preparation. Whatever your goals, where ever you are at now, I can guarantee that working with Nick you will be astonished at what you are actually capable of."