Aged 55-59 (M)

"Having been seeing Nick at Second Chance Fitness for over 6 months now, I would like to let others know how good the whole experience has been. Nick is a very patient and methodical trainer, with an understanding of how older bodies work (in my case) and a fine tuned sense of what adjustments might be needed to allow for particular parts that don't function as they might have in the past. His training plans are put together with a great deal of thought, always with an eye on capability and what the ultimate goals are, so you feel pushed but (almost) always capable of just crossing the finishing line without feeling too knackered."

"I have seen a tremendous difference to my own fitness in 6 months, coming from a place where my core was made of jelly (I could hardly do a sit up) to being a fit (and rather handsome) Iron Man competitor. I feel much better and stronger all round and have seen improvements in my swimming and running particularly. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone who wants to get fitter, irrespective of whether your goal is to do some ridiculous endurance event when far too old or just to get in better shape and generally lead a healthier lifestyle. He might never be able to get rid of me!!"