"Having decided I needed someone to help me maintain and possibly improve my cycling fitness over the winter of 2019-2020, my son-in-law suggested Nick.

Our initial meeting was good, Nick listened to what I wanted and made some suggestions that I liked. We agreed that Nick would be my trainer for 6 months mainly to maintain my fitness but also to improve my ability to ride up hills and have the stamina to ride for a number of consecutive days. Nick gave me an initial fitness and mobility assessment from which he drew up a cycling and exercise program with some suggestions for nutrition."

"Nick has been excellent at monitoring my progress and adjusted the program to help my improvement and achieve my goal of cycle/camping for a number of consecutive days. At times I have found it difficult to maintain the program and Nick has been supportive and encouraging when needed. This is exactly what I had hoped for when I contacted him. The end result is that not only have I maintained my fitness over the winter, but it has improved! As has my strength! This is very evident in my cycling, especially hill climbing and distance rides.

I’m so pleased that we have agreed he will help me again over the next winter."

Age 70 - 74 (M)