Aged 60-64 (M)

"Nick and I have been members of the local Triathlon Club for a few years and during that time have always been impressed with his levels of fitness and minimum disruption with injuries. In contrast, my own fitness levels were continually interrupted with minor injuries alongside a weight management plan with little or no impression on the 80Kgs carried for long periods. When the opportunity arose to work with him on my fitness, I grabbed it with both hands.

After sitting down to discuss my lifestyle in general and my goals, Nick put together a 12 – week plan which covered nutrition, a training schedule and some targets we both felt were achievable. This plan portrayed a good understanding of my short and medium term needs with specific goals. I was immediately impressed with Nick’s attention to detail that formed the foundation of this plan and gave me the confidence to get to grips with the programme.

This initial confidence has been continuously boosted by Nick’s experience and ability to deal with the unforeseen (unexpected). Three weeks into the programme I had a hamstring problem (not unusual for me) but through his experience we were able to restructure the plan and I carried on training. We are also compromised by my type of work which regularly takes me away from home (and my usual training facilities) but we haven’t missed a week yet through this inconvenience."

"Modern technology generally aids communication. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment recording heart rate, cadence and running gait to name a few. For injury prevention exercises Nick’s experience has been invaluable as has his clear instruction and references when different techniques need to be employed as new exercises are introduced. Feedback is always well structured and concise.

We are now two months into the programme and I have lost 4Kgs in weight through minor tweaks on my eating habits. Its early days but I’ve just achieved a PB in the local triathlon (after 7 attempts). But we aren’t finished yet and a true assessment would be best at the end of this season. But I know we are on the right track which is a real motivator for me. Good variety in the focussed Training Programme structured for individual needs is key and I would have no hesitation in recommending that if you want to improve your performance – Nick’s your man!"